Eco-Friendly Splashpad, Saves Energy While Increasing Fun

Janos Hando developed and opened Ladybird Farm, Katica Tanya as a recreation centre in Patca, Hungary, to provide visitors with attractions that are ecological and sustainable. Mr. Hando wanted families to enjoy a leisure centre in which the only energy consumed would come from a sustainable source.

Ladybird Farm is open year-round, and is filled with eco-friendly games and attractions. The leisure centre attracts 65,000 visitors and 12,000 guest nights a year. 80% of the facility's energy needs are met through its photovoltaic solar panels and biomass. Mr. Hando believes that the social value of Ladybird is equally as important as its revenues; this commitment is illustrated by the centre's "Pay By Waste" program, through which visitors are given the option to pay part of their entrance fee with household waste, such as paper products.

Since aquatic installations in Hungary are far and few between, Mr. Hando realized there was an opportunity to add this type of attraction to Katica Tanya's portfolio; in fact, adding an aquatic play experience to the leisure centre became a priority. Since any installation in the award-winning leisure centre had to embody his core principles of quality, uniqueness and innovation, Mr. Hando reached out to Vortex, known for its products and solutions that fit with his goals, to provide his visitors with an eco-friendly aquatic play experience.

And Vortex delivered the perfect solution to meet Mr. Hando's needs. An existing meadow on Ladybird Farm was targeted for conversion into a Splashpad. Mr. Hando asked Vortex to focus on an aquatic play solution that would include water recirculation, as he felt that this type of water usage and management would be a "must have" feature to be consistent with Ladybird's core principles.

Based on this strategy, Mr. Hando added 5kW to Ladybird's existing 30kW photovoltaic power plant. Therefore, the only electricity needed to run the Splashpad® would be delivered by the sun. Further, since Splashpads by Vortex are "turned on" by a user, water usage is limited to those times when the Splashpad® has active visitors on it, delivering a dramatic energy savings.

The resulting 200 square meter Splashpad® is now one of the major attractions at the leisure centre. Shaded by colorful tents in earth-tone colors, the Splashpad® at Ladybird Farm Leisure Centre, Katica Tanya, delivers hours of engagement for all ages. Since Vortex loaded the Splashpad® with water spraying features, fountains and buckets suspended from above, visitors enjoy a fully interactive aquatic play experience. All of the products mimic flowers, insects and animals such as frogs and snails so that the Splashpad® becomes an extension of the natural surroundings while also providing high play value for its guests.

Mr. Hando says that he continuously strives for attractions at Ladybird to be unique, and of the highest quality. While there is a pool attraction approximately 12 kilometers away, there is nothing else in Hungary like the Splashpad® at Ladybird Centre because it is user-controlled, durable, and can be accessed by children of all ages and abilities.

Vortex equipment delivers value for the money. Vortex is certainly not a cheap solution, but if the operational costs are added to the total cost of ownership as an investment, Vortex solutions bring an absolute value to attraction owners and outstanding enjoyment for user guests.

— Janos Hando, Owner of Ladybird Farm Leisure Centre

Mr. Hando says that both the number of visitors and return visits have increased by 11% since adding the Splashpad®, and that at least half of this increase is a result of the aquatic play attraction. In fact, the addition of the Splashpad® has placed Ladybird Leisure Centre, Katica Tanya, on par with a comprehensive spa, and Mr. Hando claims that it has provided his property with a major competitive edge over other area attractions.

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location Hungary
    - Family Entertainment Centers
  • Opened July 2016

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