Water Play Fun At Cruise Ship Stop-Over

Perhaps the most unusual and remote aquatic play facility in the world is on a 78-acre island in the Caribbean - Harvest Caye - developed for cruise ships bound for Belize. But the folks at Norwegian Cruise Line who developed the island as a stop-over tropical resort had a challenge that just cried-out for the Vortex solution.

The island was to be a port for their cruise ships, with a deep-water dock, expecting they would shuttle guests to the Belize mainland for side-trips into the country. What they found was that the resort they constructed was so pleasant that the majority of visitors just wanted to hang-out at the island facility, shop in stores staffed with locals, drink at swim-up bars, eat at the restaurants, and forego the inland excursions.

They needed an attraction for the island resort that was more than a traditional pool with a tropical motif - something that would add real (and remarkable) value to the cruise stop, appeal particularly to kids (who are not usually big on sight-seeing), and have guests eager to return and spread the word to their friends.

That's where an aquatic playground comes in - a challenge tailor-made for a Vortex solution. Harvest Caye boasts a Splashpad®, custom Elevations™ structure, dump-bucket and a whole army of squirting jets and sprays - to amuse and entertain the whole family.

  • Solution Types Elevations™ & PlayNuk
  • Location Belize
    - Hotels & Resorts
  • Opened August 2016

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