Community Embraces Aquatic Playground

If pictures and posts on Facebook are any measure of an aquatic play facility's popularity, Central Park in Rosemount, Minnesota, may well take first place. It seems that every family in town has kids who love to get wet. And the Splashpad® has its own Facebook page! After noticing that summers in the Rosemount community were exceptionally dry, Parks and Recreation Director Dan Schultz announced the city's first water attraction - a robust Splashpad® installation by Vortex.

The Central Park Splashpad® covers approximately 3,700 square feet and has a variety of ground nozzles that spray water upwards out of the Splashpad®'s rain deck. It also has a feature that mimics the flow of streams, Water Journey, which encourages smaller children to explore water movement. At the same time Water Journey puts children in charge, as they can direct the flow of the water as it drifts through a maze.

The Splashpad®'s water play features are controlled by hand or foot activators and run for a limited time. Once the water features shut off, they can immediately be turned on again by touching the activators. In this way, water is used only while someone is at the park using the Splashpad®. Operating costs for the Splashpad are low, Schultz added. Because there is no standing water, lifeguards are not needed.

  • Solution Types Water Journey™
  • Location Minnesota, United States
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened June 2015

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