Waterpark Is A Big Hit With London Kids of All Ages

East Park Golf Gardens began mostly as a golfer's destination in London, Ontario. Over the years, though, it has expanded to provide play opportunities for younger children - including an amazing aquatic playground that is so popular it's been expanded to serve even toddlers and the preschool set.

Vortex provided both a zero-depth Splashpad® and an Elevations™ structure (in two phases) so East Park could satisfy the high demand for memorable and engaging water play experiences for all.

The Elevations Super Splash proved to be a hit for adults and kids of all ages. The splash effect is brilliant.

— Alon Shatil, East Park Co-owner, Ontario, Canada

In addition to multiple sprays and interactive sprinklers, a large dumping bucket (the "Super Splash") looms overhead, tipping every few minutes to drench the waiting crowd of kids (and adults) playing below ... to their never-ending delight.

We had a small gap, whereby kids that were too small or timid to ride one of our seven waterslides and wanted more than the Splashpad®, had little choice at our park. The new Elevations added a fun, interactive structure with slides that appeal to kids of all ages.

— Alon Shatil, East Park Co-owner, Ontario, Canada
  • Solution Types Elevations™ & PlayNuk
  • Location Ontario, Canada
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened May 2004