Splashpad® Donation Treats Special Visitors To The Joys of Aquatic Play

Children who visit Give Kids The World Village enjoy a weeklong, cost-free fantasy vacation that includes a state of the art Splashpad®. Families who visit have children with life-threatening illnesses, but everyone can participate in aquatic play because the Splashpad® is universally accessible.

Regardless of age or ability, these children can experience flowing, jetting, misting and interactive water experiences. The 5,900 square foot area, installed in the "Park of Dreams" pool area, includes visually and physically stimulating activities including sprayers, canons and cascades. With florally-themed products in colors of red, blue, green and yellow, the area mimics a cheerful water garden.

The Watergarden Splashpad® has exceeded all expectations and has become the focal point of the ‘Park of Dreams’ pool area.

— Neal McCord, Director of Facilities

The Splashpad® has boosted the appeal of Give Kids The World Village and families love the aquatic experience, while the facility managers are thrilled.

Give Kids the World Village is a 70-acre, non-profit "storybook" resort located near Central Florida's most beloved attractions and theme parks. To help support Give Kids the World Village, please visit www.gktw.org

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location Florida, United States
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened July 2009

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