Leisure centre exceeds projections with unique aquatic play experience

Visitors to the East Riding Leisure Centre in Bridlington, UK are finding something unique to the area. The Vortex Elevations™ structure in the centre's indoor splash zone is unlike anything else to be found in the municipality for families looking to spend some time engaged in aquatic play, regardless of the weather outside.

The indoor structure consists of two levels that invite youngsters to engage in discovery and exploration with water. A Cascades™ provides various sensory experiences, and children can enjoy squirting others as they gently drop down slides into the splash zone.

For the more adventurous set, a Splash Bucket from above dumps water onto those below who are anticipating some fun refreshment. The Elevations™ structure, with custom panels underneath to replace the usual netting, is blue with cheerful red and orange complementary colors on the bucket and features.

Management at the centre reports that foot traffic has increased, new members have joined, and usage has exceeded even the most optimistic projections used for the business plan. Vortex has fulfilled the centre's desire to provide a unique aquatic experience for visiting families.

The installation's popularity is well documented with several appreciative posts on the Facebook page devoted to the Centre. Families are even reminded that "you can now book your visit to Splash Zone through our website." This minimizes frustrating waiting time during peak usage for walk-up visitors.

  • Solution Types Elevations™ & PlayNuk
  • Location United Kingdom
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened May 2016

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