Aquarium Visitors Beat the Heat With Rainforest-Themed Splashpad®

The Florida Aquarium's rainforest-themed Splashpad® offers families the fun of outdoor aquatic play while providing relief from the Tampa sun. Children of all ages can get splashed by water buckets and sprayed by water jets, and even the youngest visitors are invited to explore the zero-depth play area. 

The Aquarium worked with Vortex, which outfitted the area with several of its most popular products in green, yellow, orange and blue to create the feel of a rainforest. The Orbit, for example, sprays children as they move through a series of rings, while the Cascades invites visitors to explore and discover the movement of water, stimulating imaginative play. 

The Aquarium wanted to extend the attraction's appeal to the outdoors for its visitors, allowing them to enjoy being outside, even in the summer. Vortex's expertise in aquatic play shines at the Aquarium, providing additional value to guests and increasing the opportunities for visitors to enjoy the facility. 

And visitors are agreeing with this idea. One guest commented that the Splashpad® was the highlight of the family visit, and a set of grandparents mentioned that they loved relaxing and watching their young grandchildren enjoy the water activities. 

It provides a fun way for families to cool off in the hot sun. The Splashpad® is the perfect addition to the Aquarium.

— Thom Stork, Aquarium’s president and CEO
  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location Florida, United States
    - Museums & Aquariums
  • Opened July 2016

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