Splashpad® Helps Boost Local Economy

Mayor Salvador Honrubia knew that the swimming pools in his village were popular with local families, but the existing slides, each reaching a height of 3 meters, required vigilant personnel to oversee their safe use, and they therefore had to limit the pools’ operating hours in order to stay within budget. Mr. Honrubia asked the water play experts at Vortex to redesign the pool area, so that parents could bring their entire families for a fun aquatic play experience, while eliminating the need for additional supervisory personnel and restrictive hours of operation.

Vortex’s solution was to design and install a Splashpad® consisting of an inviting Supersplash, two slides safe for any age, and a 3 meter slide for older children. The Splashpad® was positioned between a small splash pool and a larger pool so that the area would be accessible for all. These changes mean that children of all ages can experience the fun of waterslides while also engaging in a fully immersive aquatic play experience. They can wait for the iconic Supersplash to drench them from above, get squirted by exciting water cannons, or frolic in the ground sprays throughout the area.

Vortex is truly the worldwide expert in aquatic play, and we are proud to have these superior water recreation facilities here in Spain.

— Rafa Sánchez, Director of Business Development for Vortex Spain

Mr. Honrubia reports that the Splashpad® area has completely met his objectives, enhancing enjoyment of the pool area for the town’s population as well as for the many visitors who flock to Cofrentes each summer. Additionally, the Splashpad® has underscored the village’s appeal as a summer fun destination, drawing even more families from nearby towns and municipalities.

The aquatic playground has been a boon to the village’s economy. No longer hampered by high personnel costs or limited operating hours, Cofrentes will be able to not only draw from a wider area of nearby towns but also charge higher admission to visitors from other municipalities. In fact, due to families’ high demand for usage of the Splashpad® area, the village has lengthened its summer season through the entire month of September.

Rafa Sánchez, Vortex’s Director of Business Development in Spain, says that the Cofrentes aquatic play experience has been replicated by other municipalities, spreading summer fun and excitement for families all over Spain while boosting local economies.


  • Solution Types Elevations™ & PlayNuk
  • Location Spain
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened August 2016

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