Sleepy Hammock Area Transformed for Family Aquatic Fun

Ciudad Laurel Hotel wanted a water play area for guests of all ages enjoying the beautiful nearby boardwalk of Cala Millor in Mallorca. The owners of the hotel asked Vortex to transform an open space with hammocks into a fun, family-friendly play experience for children of all ages.

The Hotel chose Vortex because it wanted a partner who understands the value and elements of play, and who is an expert at delivering aquatic play facilities worldwide. They also wanted a simple installation and blue-and-white theme that would complement their existing outdoor pool and adjacent lounge area, while also providing a totally immersive play experience.

We always seek to deliver a solution that will ensure the success of our customers’ aquatic play installations, especially when the ultimate goal is a great play experience. That’s what Vortex is all about!

— Rafa Sánchez , Director of Business Development in Spain

The solution that met their needs included an Elevations™ structure with one slide and a Supersplash in the splash pool (150 square meters), to provide a sense of adventure for older children, and a separate and adjacent new Splashpad® (70 square meters) for younger children.

We can confirm that the facility has been a resounding success. Customers are happy!

— Miguel Florit, Hotel Ciudad Laurel

The aquatic play installation has provided Ciudad Laurel Hotel with the selling point that impresses their major tour operators and helps them sell more rooms. The Splashpad® has become the main attraction in the hotel, and is now a strong selling point for important tour operators who are constantly looking for distinctive features at competitive resort locations. Dramatic elements of the water slide and Supersplash are featured prominently in photos and videos promoting the hotel, and the owners never have a problem getting excited children to perform for the cameras!

  • Solution Types Elevations™ & PlayNuk
  • Location Spain
    - Hotels & Resorts
  • Opened February 2016

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