Singapore Shopping Mall Creates Dynamic Rooftop Aquatic Play Center

CapitaLand wanted to draw families to their shopping mall in Singapore and encourage them to spend more time shopping and enjoying the area, so they installed a colorful and engaging interactive aquatic playground on the roof!

They worked with Vortex, a worldwide leader in interactive water play, and CT-Art Creation, the local Vortex expert, to design and install a Splashpad® that, according to Patrick Lee, Director at CT-Art Creation, was “totally unique and loaded with lots of fun and excitement.” Because the Splashpad is zero-depth, no lifeguards are required, and a variety of aquatic experiences can be supported at the same time.

IMM Building in 2007
IMM Building in 2007
IMM Building in 2016
IMM Building in 2016

The balanced play environment on the mall’s 3rd floor rooftop offers a full range of exciting entertainment opportunities, from gentle mists for younger children to dynamic interactive events for energetic teenagers. The Splashpad houses groups of engaging play products tailored to various ages and abilities.

The project, according to Mr. Lee, was the “most exciting play destination in Singapore, and the first-of-its-kind in the city to offer free aquatic play and an interactive environment.”

All components in the water playground meet or exceed international standards for safety and quality, and the Splashpad works on a recirculating system, so no water is actually wasted.

Based on the initial success of this project, CapitaLand has refurbished the original Splashpad (installed in 2007), expanding the captivating aquatic play experience with an Elevations™ structure and new water play products. They are determined to stay ahead of other malls in Singapore that followed their lead initially and added their own water parks.

  • Solution Types Elevations™ & PlayNuk
  • Location Singapore
    - Shopping Malls
  • Opened May 2007

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