Minimalist Splashpad® Delivers High Visual Impact

Located in a residential area in the city of Repentigny, Quebec, Parc Lajoie serves as a gathering point for the city’s many young families. Recognizing that many of their residents already had pools, city planners chose to replace an aging wading pool in the park with a more urban installation that would make an architectural statement and serve as a community meeting and relaxation point in this busy off-island suburb.

With its simple concrete coloring and refined color palette, the resulting minimalist Splashpad® delivers in visual impact and in its ability to appeal to young families with smaller children. Less intense features, such as Bamboo rings, ground sprays and a double cannon, are gentle and accessible to the Splashpad®’s youngest users, while tall Aqualiens flowers deliver fun for the whole family.

Installed with the Safeswap™ anchoring system, the Parc Lajoie Splashpad® has the added advantage of growing with its users, as existing water features can be easily interchanged with new features at any time. Designed with low water consumption in mind, the Splashpad®’s sustainability also sets a green example in this burgeoning community.

Urban furniture helps round out the Splashpad®, helping to transform the area into a relaxing destination for family fun. Immensely pleased with the Parc Lajoie Splashpad®, this is the fourth collaboration between Vortex and the City of Repentigny.

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location Quebec, Canada
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened May 2016

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