Elegant Splashpad® Helps Transform Park Into One Of UK’s Best

Award winning and shortlisted as one of the United Kingdom’s best parks, Gheluvelt Park in Worcester is a stunning, well-designed green space with beautiful gardens, a panoramic view of the River Severn, and interactive aquatic play areas to attract locals and tourists alike.

Working to develop and increase use of the park, the Worcester City Council, in collaboration with Gheluvelt Park Friends were looking to replace an old paddling pool with something more cohesive to the natural surroundings. They were looking for an attractive amenity that would emulate forest streams in a peaceful green space. Architects approached Ustigate, Vortex’s UK partner to install a minimalist Splashpad® with this theme in mind.

The result was an aesthetically impressive play area for children and families, featuring ground sprays around small boulders to imitate the flow of water in a stream, a tall silver water cane, and a circular ground fountain for a refreshing and safe play experience. Tan and burgundy patterns on the ground draw the eye during the day, while LED lights illuminate the fountain at night, turning the Splashpad® into a visual wonder.

The Splashpad’s water management system is hidden and not distracting to the aesthetics of the park, and its low water consumption helps keep the pad environmentally friendly and saves water and maintenance costs.

The Splashpad® at Gheluvelt Park was an instant success, helping the park win a prestigious Green Flag award and has brought the community out in droves to experience one of the UK’s best parks.

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location United Kingdom
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened September 2010

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