Museum Draws Crowds with Educational and Fun Splashpad®

The Children’s Museum of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee, is a bright and colorful educational destination with hand-on exhibits designed to foster memorable learning experiences. When it came time to expand the museum’s offerings to attract a larger audience, it followed that any new attractions would match the Museum’s governing theme and help accomplish its overall mission.

Looking for something unique, fun, and attractive, the Museum collaborated with Vortex to install a large, visually impressive, garden-themed Splashpad® with over 40 spraying water features including flowers, leaves, a turtle, crab, snail and water jelly, spray loops, and magic mist areas. The chosen theme helps children learn about the natural world in a fun, safe and dynamic environment.

In an effort to increase membership to the Museum, the Vortex Splashpad® was installed as a second gate area, with non-members paying for use, while Museum members receive free access. The new attraction was very successful in its first summer, increasing membership rates and bringing guests back for fun in the sun.

The Splashpad® proved so busy and popular since its installation that the Museum has decided to continue with phase two of development. At the time of initial installation, the Museum opted for the possibility of expansion using Vortex’s Safeswap technology, which allows for the easy installation of new features. New aquatic features, including fish, a bamboo cannon, snake and a sea serpent will be added.

  • Location Tennessee, United States
    - Museums & Aquariums
  • Opened September 2012