Water and Cost Savings for Municipality with Paddling Pool Retrofit

We love the flexibility of being able to manage the operating hours. It's also super convenient that we don't have to staff it with lifeguards. On hot, busy days we have someone there to oversee the pad, but that's it.

— Chris Kendal, Aquatics Supervisor, Cleveland Heights
    Ohio, USA

When the town of Cleveland Heights in Ohio needed an alternative to their old paddling pool in Cain Park, they turned to Vortex for a budget-friendly retrofit. In order to decrease the significant cost investments and high water demands of the existing toddler pool, as well as add a new and exciting attraction for the community, the municipality opted to install a Vortex Spraypoint® in its place.

We are saving money on water cost per year from what we had. Before we were filling and dumping along with treating the water every day. This Splashpad has eliminated all of those man hours and maintenance.

— Chris Kendal, Aquatics Supervisor, Cleveland Heights
    Ohio, USA

With 21 different features, including ground sprays and above ground components, the new Spraypoint® is divided into three bays to cater to all ages and abilities. At the entrance, the family bay features a water tunnel made up of tall green misting leaves. Following that, the toddler bay includes low-to-ground amenities like a frog, crab and magic mists, which allow younger children to interact with the water on their own terms. For older children, the teen bay includes more interactive amenities like umbrella twirls, a snake, and Bamboo features to allow users to manipulate the flow of water.

With water flowing at an impressively low 55 gallons/minute, water and sewer savings were immediate upon installation. Though water dispersion is controlled in this flowthrough play area, the Spraypoint® is programmed with a short water sequence to give the illusion that the whole pad is active at once.

It's been well received by the community and we’ve seen a steady attendance increase – it definitely gets more attention than what we had previously.

— Chris Kendal, Aquatics Supervisor, Cleveland Heights
    Ohio, USA

Additionally, with the Smartpoint water management system housed in the drain, the conversion was simple and required no external space or further infrastructure.

Easy to maintain and budget friendly, the new Spraypoint® has proved popular with the community, breathing new life into Cain Park and drawing crowds.
  • Solution Types Spraypoint®
  • Location Ohio, United States
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened July 2012

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