Campground Adds Fun with New Splashpad®

At Camping Panorama du Pyla, owner Cédric Rocher was looking for a more interactive and dynamic amenity to bring in more guests, and keep them on site longer. Though the campground already benefited from a pool and a smaller paddling pool, he noticed that children were not as engaged as they could be.

To solve this problem, Mr. Rocher approached Vortex to design and create an exciting zero-depth Splashpad® that would sit between the pools and provide fun for all ages.

Visually striking with its nature-inspired green, orange and yellow color scheme, the main Splashpad® features water cannons, spraying arches, a blooming flower with Twirltec™ technology, a giant frog and a massive dumping bucket to delight older children. Alongside it, smaller water features ensure younger children have an equally exciting place to play and learn.

The Splashpad® was also economical as Vortex used the existing water treatment system in place for the pools, thereby minimizing costs to the campground.

A tremendous success for both the campground and its customers, the new Splashpad® offers precisely the kind of dynamic fun needed, so much so that a second order for another campground is already in the works!

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location France
    - Campgrounds
  • Opened June 2015

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