Travelodge Waterpark Makes A Splash With Watermark

When it came time to update the pool area at the Travelodge Hotel & Conference Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan, General Manager Ryan Urzada knew he had a challenge on his hands. With only 5,000 square feet to work with and competition increasing everyday in the busy Canadian city, Urzada needed a unique and creative solution that would set the Travelodge apart.

The result was “Soaked!”, a waterpark featuring waterslides, swimming pool, toddler area, hot tub, spray pad and the iconic Watermark.

The first of its kind in Canada, the Watermark is a dynamic, programmable curtain of water that uses fast-acting solenoid valves and LED lights to manipulate water, shaping it into words and images. Urzada knew he had to include it when he first saw it.

I had been told what it could do, but I had a hard time believing it. It was only after I learned more about Vortex’s reputation and saw it for myself that I was sold on this high-tech piece of equipment and had to have it for Soaked!

— Ryan Urzada, General Manager, Travelodge Hotel & Conference Centre Regina
    Regina, Saskatchewan

The Watermark sits 15 feet high and is used regularly for holidays, special events and personalized birthday greetings. As an interactive attraction, Watermark designs are easily updated via a secure app, making it ideal for welcoming guests, entertaining children, advertising for promotions and events, and even serving as an aesthetic backdrop when the park is not in use thanks to its minimal water and power consumption.

Every child wants a picture with the Watermark when they see their name pop up. It really looks like magic. The Watermark is interactive and fun and most of all, it adds that personal touch that truly creates a sense of wonder and excitement. We couldn’t be happier with it, and neither could our guests.

— Ryan Urzada, General Manager, Travelodge Hotel & Conference Centre Regina
    Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Solution Types Watermark • Digital Water Expressions
  • Location Saskatchewan, Canada
    - Hotels & Resorts
  • Opened May 2015

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