Pools converted to Economical and Eco-Friendly Splashpads®

Maintaining a municipal pool is a costly endeavor. Parks and Recreation officials in the city of Palma del Rio in Cordoba were looking to transform two 40-year old pools whose maintenance and upkeep proved too expensive.

Capitalizing on the existing adjacent pool spaces, city officials partnered with Vortex to install a dual-level Splashpad® that would cater to people of all ages and recirculate water effectively to lower consumption. The two spaces were divided into user-activated high and low flow areas: the larger rectangular Splashpad® better recreates an immersive waterpark play experience, while the small, circular Splashpad® offers light refreshment.

Water features on the two Splashpads® were also divided along the same lines. The rectangular Splashpad® was designed to be more iconic, with a giant Scorpion serving as the Splashpad®’s main focal point. Water cannons, ground sprays, a spray loop and toddler-sized fountains complete the Splashpad®.

On the second level, the circular Splashpad® features architectural aquatic play structures from the Bamboo line. Predominantly silver with pops of color, these simple, yet elegant fountains effortlessly blend into the surrounding natural environment.

As Spain’s national color, red dominates across both pads, while other bright colors were also chosen to reflect the country’s spirit of excitement. As a more economical and eco-friendly attraction, the new Splashpads® provide a needed update to existing pools without compromising on fun.


  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location Spain
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened June 2011

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