Water Features Update Heritage Site

As one of the city’s main aquatic attractions, the Centre Nautique du Rhône in Lyon needed a facelift to make the area more attractive to families with children. However, as a heritage site, any changes made had to preserve the history and existing structure of the facility.

One of these protected areas was an outdated paddling pool and planners were challenged to find an exciting solution while staying true to its original linear design. Vortex Splashpad® and Poolplay<sup>TM</sup> products were the perfect fit for the paddling pool’s unusual shape.

Custom-colored water features were matched to the setting, transforming the pool into an interactive play area.

Since the installation, the Centre Nautique has seen an increase in attendance by 10-20%, making the renovations well worth it. Breathing new life into the venue, the much-needed update respects the historical significance and cultural richness of the site, preserving it for generations to come.

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location France
    - Parks & Aquatic Centers
  • Opened June 2012

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