Custom-Colored Splashpad® at Italian Theme Park

Introducing an aquatic structure into a non-traditional water environment can be challenging, especially when that environment is part of an established, branded site. Such was the requirement for Italy’s Mirabilandia, an iconic amusement park in the country’s Ravenna region that needed a fun and safe attraction to appeal to families with children too young for the park’s major theme rides.

The solution was a custom-colored Splashpad® that would reflect the Mirabilandia’s branded identity. Partnering with the park’s owners, Parques Reunidos, one of the leading and fastest-growing leisure park operators in the world, Vortex created a Splashpad® that met specific branding, as well as budget, maintenance and liability requirements.

The resulting Splashpad® has been a hit with visitors. Recognizable colors and Vortex’s Bamboo Line perfectly capture the atmosphere and theme of the park. Spray cannons, ground sprays and dumping water structures make playtime exciting and accessible for young children, while parents can relax knowing the zero-depth Splashpad® poses no drowning risk to their little ones.

For Parques Reunidos, the Splashpad® exceeded expectations. Though it was the first strategic partnership with Vortex, the ability to customize Vortex’s products combined with the proven safety and low-cost nature of a Splashpad meant that Mirabilandia got exactly what it needed while still maintaining its iconic identity.

  • Solution Types Splashpad®
  • Location Italy
    - Amusement Parks
  • Opened August 2013

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