Low-flow Splashpad at Botanical Gardens

The largest of its kind in Germany, there are many marvels to be found in Frankfurt’s Palmengarten botanical gardens. Though most are of the greenhouse variety, there is one unique and unexpected feature that is not flora.

Geared towards younger visitors, the Palmengarten’s planners partnered with Vortex to introduce a water element for children that facilitated a fun play experience on their journey through the garden. A Splashpad® was the perfect solution; water play without having to change into bathing suites. Users are free to frolic in their regular clothes and still be able to return to their visit thanks to low-flow features.

Designers chose to use products from Vortex’s Bamboo Line that makes an architectural statement without or without water. Restrained use of color and deliberate minimalism reflect the quiet elegance of the gardens, while ground sprays and an interactive spray cannon quickly transform it into an exciting and refreshing play area. Its organic, silver forms and clean lines complement the natural surroundings, proving that you really can put a Splashpad® just about anywhere.

  • Solution Types Spraypoint®
  • Location Germany
    - Museums & Aquariums
  • Opened June 2010