​Metal Preparation Clerk​


The Metal Preparation Clerk is responsible for conducting the preparation of metal prior to welding, in accordance with the drawings and quality standards of the company and in compliance with safety standards.

Responsabilités et tâches 
Metal preparation tasks prior to welding 
• Mark parts and check their compliance with technical drawings
• Perform the tasks of cutting and drilling materials
• Store the pieces in boxes or in storage area
• Close the work order in the ERP system

Maintenance tasks 
• Ensure compliance with the grading system of raw materials in the storage area 
• Notify the warehouse coordinator of any equipment failure or materials needing to be ordered 
• Oil and grease machines 
• Clean the saw and drill bits
• Change blades as required

Meet Safety Standards 
• Wear safety equipment and clothing that meet the standards 
• Follow safe work practices when using the forklift and crane 
• Notify the production manager of any accident or incident 
• Keep the work area clean and tidy

Perform the following additional tasks
•  Assist production employees to complete their tasks as required 
• Perform other related duties as required